Countable And Uncountable Nouns

Countable Nouns

Nouns which can be counted are called countable nouns.

Countable nouns have a singular form and a plural form. Read more at the section "Singular And Plural Nouns".

Singular Form
Plural Form
one cat
two cats
one day
two days
one pencil
two pencils
one box
two boxes
one city
two cities
one child
two children

The following expressions are used with countable nouns:



a few



a large number of



plenty of*

a lot of*

* Also used with uncountable nouns


1. I have a few coins in my pocket.

2. There are many people in the room.

3. Mike bought some oranges for us.

4. There are a lot of ants on the table.

5. We need to visit several places while we are in Japan.

Uncountable Nouns

Nouns which cannot be counted are called uncountable nouns.

They may be abstract nouns which refer to a quality, idea, feeling or experience, rather than a physical object.

They may also be physical objects which are too small to be counted.

Uncountable nouns usually do not have a plural form.

Common examples of uncountable nouns and give an example sentence each.

Have a table for tea, happiness etc.

And sentence examples too.

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