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Unusual Times: Surviving HBL and WFH (Part 1 of 2)

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world tremendously. It has transformed our lives in more ways than one – the way we engage in social interactions, the way we work, the way we regard our future etc. Even getting a meal at Mcdonalds Drive Thru is no longer possible during certain periods. None of us could have been fully prepared for the stress and anxiety these changes have brought about. Pandemic parenting is tough, and parents are expected to hold the fort whenever home-based learning is implemented. Supervising your child’s home-based learning while being weighed down by a full-time job might be nerve-racking. However, with the right coping mechanisms and an altered mindset, parents can alleviate some of the stress. This is important, especially when home-based learning and working from home are here to stay. Here are some tips:

Ease Up On Micro-Management

It can be extremely demanding to prepare for a major examination like the PSLE in the midst of a full-blown battle against COVID-19. The clock is ticking, and there are only a few months left to complete the full set of P6 test papers as revision. Coupled with work-related demands, some parents may find it tough to maintain the pre-pandemic degree of composure while coaching their children in their studies. At times like these, it can be helpful to tone down certain parenting styles which might put a dent on a child’s self-esteem, such as being excessively critical of their flaws, and being unreasonably controlling.

For some parents, it might be their first instinct to lash out at their children whenever they spot a glaring error, or respond in annoyance whenever their children ask questions. It takes conscious effort to muster up a calm and empathetic response before engaging in the problem-solving process with a child. Parents should remind themselves that mistakes are opportunities for their children to know what they do not know yet. These opportunities also allow parents to teach their children that it is perfectly fine not to know everything at first glance. Parents should therefore loosen up on academic micro-management and instead focus on providing support. One way is to encourage their children to revise upper primary content by practising questions from Singapore free test papers for Primary 5. For topics which have not been mastered well enough yet, there is still time to catch up and parents can be there to provide assurance and moral support.

Create A Routine

A daily routine is essential to help students manage their day. On a usual school day, students attend lessons, have lunch, participate in co-curricular activities etc. according to a schedule. When home-based learning is implemented, a routine becomes even more important especially when most if not all activities take place at home. It is easy to mix study and leisure because there is no change of environment to signify a change of activity. To avoid this, a timetable which breaks up the day into periods of revision, breaks, meal times and leisure times, will be useful. For example, the morning period can be dedicated to online learning via the student learning space. After lunch, there can be a 30-minute leisure time to play some games on the computer or listen to some music. For Primary 6 students, more time has to be dedicated to revision. It is advisable to spend at least an hour on each subject daily. Revision material like PSLE Science Paper and a variety of past year papers can come in handy. To improve on Mathematics, it is important to get lots of practice from Primary 6 Math questions Singapore so as to hone problem-solving skills. With a routine, students can find their revision aims more easily achieved despite staying at home for a period of a few weeks. Parents should also follow a routine to separate recreational and family time from work. The whole family can engage in exercise sessions or relaxing activities together after a productive day.

.. to be continued ..

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