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3 Revision Strategies To Eliminate Exam Stress

Stress is no stranger to most, if not all, students. This emotional tension may intensify near the exam period, and could be crippling to some students. Students may find themselves unable to concentrate during the examinations while experiencing heart palpitations and having clammy palms. Therefore, one of the most important tactics to scoring well is being able to manage stress. While working through sg free test papers as revision for the upcoming examinations, it is beneficial for a student to be aware of how to optimise the results while keeping stress at bay.

Start Revision As Early As Possible

The PSLE is an examination which assesses the ability of students to solve questions requiring a variety of skill sets across different concepts. A strong foundation in lower primary is essential for a student to be able to master upper primary content with less effort. For students who have a slightly weaker foundation, as long as they are willing to pull up their socks in time, there is still a chance to do well in the PSLE. The key is to revise all chapters found in the upper primary syllabus and then practise questions found in free test papers for Primary 5. The earlier a student starts the revision, the more prepared he or she will be. A student can clear up doubts and gain a deeper understanding of subject matters at a more relaxed pace. This can greatly enhance the learning experience and bring more joy. More importantly, there is a safeguard against any factors that may disrupt revision at the last minute.

Figuring Out The Type Of Learner You Are

Different students have different learning preferences. Some like to learn through listening to a teacher speak while others prefer to learn by reading and writing. It is worthwhile to try out different approaches and see which ones are effective. This will make sure that the student is working smarter while working hard. In the same way, different students may have different periods of peak productivity. Revision time can be scheduled to cater to individual students.

Practice Is Key

There is no substitute for practice. For Mathematics, practice involves reasoning and active thinking. It is a good brain workout which activates various neural connections. Researchers have also found that for one to excel at Mathematics, it is insufficient to rely solely on one’s innate talent - practice is the only way. For students taking the PSLE, practising Primary 6 Maths questions Singapore is essential. It is alright to make mistakes in the process, as practice makes perfect. Consistent practices also offer excellent opportunities to weed out carelessness and strengthen mathematical concepts. For Science, students can learn concepts from textbooks. The application of knowledge is then done on MCQs and open-ended questions. It is far inadequate to rely only on textbooks and reading materials to master Science concepts for the PSLE. A lot of the learning comes from practising Singapore PSLE Science questions and getting the exposure to a wide variety of real-life application questions. It is hence vital to spend enough time on practice. Confidence is gained through hard work, and it is essential if a student wants to combat stress effectively.

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