Primary 6 Mathematics Exam Package (New Release for Students Taking PSLE Math 2020 and Beyond)

ISBN: 978-981-14-3114-2

Questions Booklet + Solutions Booklet 


Featuring over 900 questions encompassing every topic within the Primary 6 Maths syllabus, including fundamental topics taught in the upper primary levels, this title is an indispensable publication that every student should have. Free test papers sample download is currently available for our PSLE Exam Preparatory Bundle. Many parents engage in the yearly routine of downloading examination papers with the aim of ensuring that their children receive exposure to an extensive range of PSLE Math questions. However, they have also come to a realisation at some point that although questions provided in top-tier examination papers are helpful, the solutions found are generally substandard. Inconsistent workings, incorrect solutions and absence of crucial steps are the most typical issues both students and parents encounter. Without a doubt, it can result in more confusion and the undesirable wastage of time and effort, especially when the clock is ticking.


At PhD Education, we believe in offering the best. The test questions found in this exam package are structured after first-rate school examination questions in regards to question types, difficulty levels, as well as mathematical skills and concepts that will be tested. Questions are meticulously set by our own PhD Education’s team of highly qualified writers to make sure that our content keeps your child more-than-sufficiently prepared for the upcoming exams. An extensive set of questions varying in difficulty levels is included in every topic. Step-by-step comprehensive solutions are included, and every title in our exam bundle is both vetted and edited by existing MOE teachers in Singapore before release. The questions in this exam package will allow students to establish strong fundamentals and attain the confidence to take on the PSLE Mathematics Examination in Singapore with ease.




A - Fundamental Revision Set (MCQ)

B - Fundamental Revision Set (Short/ Long Answer)

1 - Algebra

2 - Fractions

3 - Ratio

4 - Percentage

5 - Circles

6 - Angles in Geometric Figures

7 - Speed

8 - Volume of Solids and Liquids

9 - Pie Charts

10 - Solid Figures and Nets


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Practice makes perfect – especially in the world of Mathematics. 

Unlike other subjects, memorising and learning alone are not enough to fully master the subject. But rather, Maths is about time and patience – understanding the process involved when attempting to solve sums and doing them step by step.

Apart from corrective feedback from teachers and short test-practice sessions in a given period, taking on test papers can help elevate one’s performance significantly. Especially seeing the effectiveness of tests in encouraging students to study and tackle any hard questions earnestly within a fixed time frame – question papers are excellent in prepping students for examinations ahead.

Teachers or parents get a better idea of a student’s ability and will be able to tweak study plans or learning styles to their advantage for outstanding results. No matter how hard a question is, by working smart and not just working hard with comprehensive question papers – a student will be better prepared and equipped with an improved understanding of the concepts.

Primary 6 Mathematics Exam Package

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