Primary 6 Science Exam Package (For Students Taking PSLE Science 2021 and Beyond)

ISBN: 978-981-14-8536-7

Questions Booklet + Solutions Booklet


Featuring more than 700 questions covering all themes tested in the PSLE Science Examination, this comprehensive exam package is the one essential publication that all students need. Each topic is heavily explored, with a wide range of practice questions ranging from intermediate to challenging to evaluate students’ understanding of Science concepts, as well as the process skills acquired. Solutions and explanatory notes provided in this exam package serve to facilitate students' learning. Working through all the questions in this exam package will enable students to build a strong foundation as well as gain confidence to handle the PSLE Science Paper with ease. Edited and vetted by MOE teachers from top schools. Free test papers sample download of our PSLE Preparatory bundle is available.




Theme: Diversity

1 - Diversity of Living Things

2 - Diversity of Materials


Theme: Cycles

3 - Life Cycles of Plants and Some Animals

4 - Matter

5 - Reproduction in Plants

6 - Reproduction in Humans

7 - Changes of State

8 - The Water Cycle


Theme: Systems

9 - Plant Systems

10 - Human and Animal Systems

11 - The Unit of Life

12 - Electrical Systems


Theme: Interactions

13 - Magnets and Magnetic Forces

14 - Forces

15 - Living Together

16 - Food Chains and Food Webs

17 - Adaptations

18 - Man’s Impact on His Environment


Theme: Energy

19 - Light and Shadows

20 - Heat and Temperature

21 - Energy in Food

22 - Forms and Uses of Energy

23 - Sources of Energy



5 marks open-ended questions


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