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Primary 6 Science Exam Package (For Students Taking PSLE Science 2021 and Beyond)

ISBN: 978-981-14-8536-7

Questions Booklet + Solutions Booklet


Our Primary 6 Science Exam Package is an essential resource for students aiming to ace the PSLE Science examination in Singapore. Featuring over 700 questions, this comprehensive exam package covers all themes in the PSLE syllabus. A series of practice questions ranging from intermediate to challenging can be found in this package, with each question meticulously crafted to assess students’ grasp of Science concepts, as well as the necessary process skills. Detailed solutions, along with explanatory notes, are provided to facilitate understanding and encourage independent learning. A thorough understanding of how exam questions are asked and how the solutions should be presented will enable the student to possess the confidence to tackle any challenging question in the PSLE Science Paper. 


As an established publisher in Singapore, PhD Education is committed to providing first-rate educational resources. Before publication, each exam package goes through the rigour of vetting and editing by our team of editors, all of whom are current teachers. Do feel free to download the free test papers sample chapters of our best-selling PSLE Exam Preparatory Bundle. Our exam packages can also be purchased from Popular bookstores islandwide – browsing copies are available.




Theme: Diversity

1 - Diversity of Living Things

2 - Diversity of Materials


Theme: Cycles

3 - Life Cycles of Plants and Some Animals

4 - Matter

5 - Reproduction in Plants

6 - Reproduction in Humans

7 - Changes of State

8 - The Water Cycle


Theme: Systems

9 - Plant Systems

10 - Human and Animal Systems

11 - The Unit of Life

12 - Electrical Systems


Theme: Interactions

13 - Magnets and Magnetic Forces

14 - Forces

15 - Living Together

16 - Food Chains and Food Webs

17 - Adaptations

18 - Man’s Impact on His Environment


Theme: Energy

19 - Light and Shadows

20 - Heat and Temperature

21 - Energy in Food

22 - Forms and Uses of Energy

23 - Sources of Energy


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How to Use Our P6 Science Exam Package To Score Well In PSLE


Start Early & Put In Consistent Effort

As the well-known adage goes “The secret to getting ahead is getting started,” we recommend students to start using our exam package as early in the year as possible. Constructing a skyscraper which can withstand harsh weather conditions requires much time and effort, as does building a solid foundation in a subject to be able to handle any kind of challenging questions. With ample time to work through the 700++ questions in our P6 Science Exam Package, coupled with consistent effort in ensuring that all doubts are cleared after reading through our solutions and explanatory notes, we can guarantee that an ‘A’ is never too far away.


Strive To Build Mental Stamina

It is no easy feat for a child to sit through a 1 h 45 min examination with 100% focus. However, every minute is precious and time cannot simply be lost to a daydream or even a brief respite. The trick is to train the mind to focus. Before attempting the questions in our exam package, the student should be reminded to read all questions carefully to gather all the crucial information. Some questions are lengthy while some others are tricky, and these questions are included in our exam package to stretch the student’s abilities. It takes time to build up mental stamina to focus for a few hours at a stretch but it will eventually serve the student well. At the start, a student may attempt say, only 3 questions, at one go before taking a break or checking the solutions. More questions can then be attempted continuously when the student is able to progress without losing focus.


Strengthen Understanding With Our Explanatory Notes

Much like a teacher elucidating the science behind a certain observation or explaining how certain theories work, our explanatory notes are provided to strengthen a student’s understanding of the solution or to explain concepts in a more interesting manner. It is worthwhile to spend some time on our explanatory notes to deepen the understanding of the question and to gain insights on how a solution should be presented.


Primary 6 Science Exam Package

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