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Secondary 1 Mathematics Exam Package (G3 & G2)

ISBN: 978-981-18-8403-0

Questions Booklet + Solutions Booklet


Gear yourself up for the start of your secondary school education with our comprehensive mathematics exam package.


Featuring more than 1300 questions with step-by-step complete solutions, our Secondary 1 Maths Exam Package is a must-have for students aiming for stellar results in their examinations.


About Our Mathematics Exam Package


Highly Qualified Writers and Editors

Our writing team comprises ex-MOE teachers with years of teaching experience. The editorial process is then undertaken by current MOE teachers to ensure that our content is in line with the current syllabus.


The One and Only Essential Learning Aide That You Need

We were once students too! Hence, we understand the agony of trying to find the right books amongst dozens of guidebooks, assessment books and supplementary books at the bookstore. At PhD Education, we are committed to providing students with learning solutions which impart crucial mathematical techniques and provide the exposure to questions of varying difficulties and intensities. All topics stipulated in the MOE syllabus can be found in our exam package.


Yes.. All these in ONE SINGLE PACKAGE, without the dizzying ritual of expending time and effort scouring for multiple books at the bookstore. And of course, this is the ONLY learning aide you need to secure your A1, without the tedious chore of flipping through multiple books during your revision.


Power-Packed with Quality and Quantity

Be impressed by the quality and quantity of questions you can find in our exam packages. All questions come with step-by-step complete solutions to reinforce your mathematical concepts in the most systematic way. Our exam packages give you the drill that is ever so essential in a mathematical subject. The intensive practices are guaranteed to get you well-conditioned to perform excellently in the examinations, and serve to help you build a solid foundation in the subject.


Latest MOE Syllabus

There is a heavy focus on mathematical problems in real-world contexts under the new syllabus. The questions in each chapter are thus categorised into the sections "Mathematical Concepts and Skills" and "Problems in Real-World Contexts". In the first section, a wide array of questions ranging in difficulty levels can be found. By working through the questions diligently, students are expected to achieve a high level of proficiency in the topic. In the next section, students can apply the mathematical concepts and skills acquired in the previous section to problems in real‐world contexts. As stipulated in the syllabus, students are expected to be familiar with solving mathematical problems in everyday life, including travel plans, transport schedule, sports and games, recipes, floor plans, personal and household finance etc.



Chapter 1: Primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple

Chapter 2: Integers, Rational Numbers and Real Numbers

Chapter 3: Approximation and Estimation

Chapter 4: Basic Algebra and Algebraic Manipulation

Chapter 5: Linear Equations

Chapter 6: Linear Functions and Graphs

Chapter 7: Number Patterns

Chapter 8: Percentage

Chapter 9: Ratio and Rate

Chapter 10: Basic Geometry

Chapter 11: Polygons and Geometrical Constructions

Chapter 12: Perimeter and Area of Plane Figures

Chapter 13: Volume and Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders

Chapter 14: Statistical Data Handling



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Affirmative Testimonials by Students, Parents and Tutors on Our Mathematics Exam Packages


"I had three other assessment books for Maths which I practised on. However, I scored only a B4 for my mid-year exams. I bought PhD's Sec 1 Maths Exam Package during the June holidays and used it consistently till end of year. I was able to do intensive practice and I am very satisfied with the A1 I got in my final exams."

Jayden Teo

Student of Anglican High School


"My daughter was so apprehensive about whether she could cope with Mathematics in Secondary One because it is a whole new ball-game as compared to PSLE. Now, she has benefitted greatly from your exam package and has a strong foundation to continue doing well in Secondary 2. Thank you so much."

Mr. Tay Mun Kit

Father of Celine Tay, Zhonghua Seondary School


"I highly recommend your Secondary 1 Maths Exam Package to my students. With complete coverage of the methods taught in schools as well as the excellent variety of questions, this package has helped me greatly as a teaching resource."

Mrs. Patricia Loy

Ex-MOE teacher and current full-time tutor


"I always get giddy shopping for assessment books at bookstores because there are so many titles. After using the Secondary 2 Mathematics Exam Package, I am sure that this is really the only supplementary material I need because everything is inside."

Marilyn Lee

Student of Anderson Secondary School


"A. Maths Volume A is an eye-opener as I have not seen so many challenging questions in other books and school notes. I am looking forward to your Volume B to help me secure my A1 for O Levels."

Dexter Chan

Student of Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Secondary 1 Mathematics Exam Package (G3 & G2)

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