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Primary 6 Mathematics Exceptionally Challenging Questions (New Release for 2020)

ISBN: 978-981-14-3115-9


Many parents might have heard and read about very tough and tricky mathematics questions in PSLE Maths Paper 2 in the past few years*. These questions are undoubtedly used to differentiate the best students from the good ones. It is almost a certainty that tough and tricky questions will continue to appear in PSLE exams**. Extra exposure to such questions prior to the exam will benefit students and allow them to gain confidence.


The questions found in this title are exceptionally challenging and serve the purpose of differentiating the A*/A students from the B students. Our questions are modelled after top school exam questions and step-by-step detailed solutions are provided, along with:

  • Tips on solving questions efficiently and effectively
  • Model drawing techniques
  • Visualisation techniques for complicated diagrams
  • Checking answers by working backwards


All our titles are edited and vetted by current MOE teachers prior to release. Working through all the questions in this title will enable students to accelerate mastery of concepts and stimulate higher-order thinking to deal with challenging questions that will appear in the PSLE Mathematics Examination.


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Primary 6 Mathematics Exceptionally Challenging Questions

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