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Primary 5 Mathematics Exam Package

ISBN: 978-981-14-3116-6

Questions Booklet + Solutions Booklet


Featuring more than 900 questions covering all topics in the Primary 5 Maths syllabus as well as fundamental topics taught in the lower levels, this comprehensive exam package is the one essential publication that all students need.


Conventionally, many parents download Primary 5 Math exam papers from online resources every year in the hope of letting their child gain exposure to a wider variety of questions. Many parents have also realised that while the questions found in top school exam papers are useful, the solutions provided are usually substandard. Wrong solutions, inconsistent workings and lack of essential steps are the most common problems parents and students face. Undeniably, this can lead to greater confusion and an unnecessary waste of time and effort.


The questions in our P5 Maths Exam Package are modelled after top school exam questions in terms of question types, mathematical concepts and skills to be tested, and difficulty levels. Our questions are carefully crafted by our team of experienced writers to ensure that our package can more-than-adequately prepare your child for the examinations. A wide array of questions ranging in difficulty levels can be found in each topic. Step-by-step detailed solutions are provided and all our exam packages are edited and vetted by current MOE teachers prior to release. Working through all the questions in this exam package will enable students to build a strong foundation for PSLE as well as gain confidence to handle the Primary 5 Maths questions in examinations with ease.




A - Fundamental Revision Set (MCQ)

B - Fundamental Revision Set (Short/ Long Answer)(P5 Maths Problem Sums)

1 - Whole Numbers

2 - Fractions

3 - Area of a Triangle

4 - Ratio

5 - Volume of Cubes and Cuboids

6 - Decimals

7 - Percentage

8 - Average

9 - Rate

10 - Angles

11 - Triangles

12 - Quadrilaterals


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Primary 5 Maths Exam Package

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